Tips and Trik Lolos Beasiswa StuNed

Dear All,

Di tips kali ini saya bakal share ke kalian tentang beasiswa yang saya gunakan selama studi di Belanda.
Saya menggunakan dua beasiswa; untuk tuition fee 100% covered by Vrije Universiteit Fellowship Programme, untuk living cost + transportation saya dapet dari Nuffic Neso Indonesia – Beasiswa Studeren in Nederland atau lebih dikenal dengan StuNed.

Beasiswa StuNed sebenernya bisa 100% mengcover tuition fee juga.. cuma kebetulan saya-nya aja yang dapet dari kampus sehingga saya hanya apply untuk partial scholarship dari StuNed, daaaan alhamdulillah keterima 🙂 untuk informasi lebih lengkap tentang beasiswa ini kalian bisa nonton video ini yaa..

kalau ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut silahkan comment dibawah yaa.. goodluck!


Vira cania


4 thoughts on “Tips and Trik Lolos Beasiswa StuNed

  1. Nadia Isfandari says:

    Hi Vira.
    I recently watched your video about StuNed. Thanks for that video, really helpful.

    I am planning to apply StuNed 2017, but my course is not listed as StuNed’s main priorities. As I did a quick research over the internet, only a few people whose course is not listed as priorities got accepted StuNed. So, do you have any (extra) suggestion on how to make my application more outstanding, such composing a motivation letter? It will be great if we can in tough via email.


    • Vira Arman says:

      Hi Nadia,

      Thanks for your compliment! 🙂
      Mmm..honestly, I’m not capable of giving you any suggestions regarding your condition.
      Because I applied for one of StuNed priority subjects… (e.g. financial management).
      But what I learned from my friends, they have a pretty strong, applicable/feasible and solid motivation after graduates.
      (hint: try to explore what the Netherlands can contribute to your future.. or your society.. or Indonesia)

      good luck with your application.

      warm regards,


      • Nadia Isfandari says:

        Hi Vira.
        Thanks for your sharing! I understand that being outsider means I need to compose a stronger motivation letter. Can you share with me your experiences in composing motivation letter? I also understand that StuNed and LPDP have both similarities and differences in selecting their candidate.

        Thanks again!

  2. aureliadeviane says:

    hi Kak Vira, my name is Aurel and i’m on my way on applying for Stuned. But I have several confusions. Can i have your email to ask you in person?
    Thank you 🙂

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