File Sharing

Preparation to Groningen : A brief presentation about preparation to study abroad, especially when your destination is Groningen. Most of the part were prepared by Me and Katherin, also some advices came from Yudis and Gratia. I actually made this presentation for my juniors that soon are going to Groningen. You might interested to see? enjoy! 😀


One thought on “File Sharing

  1. liat alamat email sudah jelas kayaknya says:

    hai vira, namaku imam, salam kenal…
    terima kasih ya buat info BI-nya.. aku baca tulisan di blog mu ini dan curcol selama hidup dipengasingan setukpa sukabumi, pendidikan di LPPI mungkin ya.. dan get new family (whole big fam’s), mamolous !

    maaf kalo terkesan SKSD, tapi mbah google yang munculin (don’t blame me so much). ini bermanfaat ko.. yah… at least aku bisa nyontek dan get picture about future from your past. hehehehehe….

    thn’ks 🙂

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